Not Just Human Pregnant — Elephant Pregnant

Here it is the eve of another new year and I’m tempted to spend the day beating myself up about all the things I failed to do on my 2011 (or 2010) ‘To Do’ list. While the temptation is strong to wallow in my failures, I’m choosing to be that ‘glass half full’ girl and focus on the things I actually did accomplish over the course of the last year.

This entire past year has been a fruitful year for me because you see, I’ve been pregnant; and not just normal human gestational pregnant for nine months, mind you. I’m talking giant mammal pregnant. Not quite elephant pregnant but close to walrus or whale pregnant; that’s roughly about 18-19 months in case you were wondering.

I’ve not been pregnant in the traditional sense of the word, but pregnant with a dream for the better part of the last two years. While this has not been a conventional pregnancy, it has nonetheless been fraught with the traditional pitfalls like cravings, psycho hormonal behavior and anxiety just the same.

My dream came to me more than a year and a half ago when God visited me in my sleep and gave me three very specific dreams while I slept. The three dreams were spread out over the course of three separate nights, but yet all the dreams were related and very detailed. I awoke from the third dream and received a directive from God that the theme of those three dreams was to be the subject for my next fiction novel. The message of the three dreams was a simple one: the power of a name.

Initially I scoffed at the idea as I was already busy with another writing project. But then, who was I to argue with God? Such a simple message, but yet I felt unqualified to tackle the project. My ever faithful God has spent the last year and half reminding me, there is power in the name and I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.

I spent the first six months and the last half of 2010 questioning whether I’d truly heard from God. My doubt was no match for God however, as He’d already done His part and impregnated me with the idea.

It took several months for me to accept that I’d been touched by God and several times before the end of 2010 I very nearly aborted the dream by trying to reason the impossibility of the task assigned to me. It wasn’t until early 2011 I made my resolution to dig in and finish what God started. The whole of this past year I made the decision to get serious about nurturing the baby I was growing.

… And so I wrote … and I wrote … and I wrote for all of 2011.

Now as 2011 comes to a close and I made it full-term with this pregnancy, it’s time to roll up my sleeves and expel this creative baby from its safe haven. The writing is finished; the editing nearly complete and I’m in full transition mode as I bear down and prepare to share my little bundle with the rest of the world.

Like every other new mother, I’m afraid to let my baby go for fear that the world, which can be such a cruel place, will ridicule my baby and not accept it for the beautiful work of art that it is. I’m looking forward to introducing my baby to the rest of the world in 2012. Look for The Name on your Kindle or Nook within the next few weeks and hopefully in print form in a few months.

For those of you who might like a sneak peak at my baby, here’s a quick look at The Name:

Born ten weeks prematurely, Kaydee James is a little girl whose very existence defies medical science. Kaydee survives against all odds in a decade where medical miracles aren’t a commonplace occurrence. The miracle child becomes the object of much concern and fascination once it’s discovered she possesses supernatural abilities allowing her to communicate with the Creator of the universe. Kaydee’s special gift allows her to avert natural disasters and battle against supernatural forces simply by calling on the Name of the Lord.

Kaydee’s older brother, John Jesse becomes the forgotten child living in his sister’s shadow. A sudden cross-country move finds his family unexpectedly thrust into a strange new life as farmers in the desert of Arizona. A series of tragedies and hardships force John Jesse to wage war against not only forces of nature, but unnatural powers of darkness seeking to extinguish the light of hope Kaydee’s gift brings to their small desert community.

The Name is a powerful story of good versus evil set against the backdrop of the wildness and beauty of the harsh southwest desert. It is a story to remind us all that big gifts come in small packages and contain immeasurable power when the driving force behind the gift is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ.

HAPPY NEW YEAR one and all! I can’t wait to see what the new year brings!