Me, My-Selfie and I

 It’s pretty hard to dispute the fact that we live in a self-absorbed society these days; or more appropriately – selfie-absorbed society. People today have an insatiable obsession to post Snap Chat and Instagram photos of themselves performing the most mundane and uninteresting daily activities.

“Hey, I’m eating a sandwich for lunch!”

“While walking to the mailbox I tripped over a rock!”  

Look at this bug on my windshield!” 

“Dude, look at how the girl at Starbucks misspelled my name!”

The opposite of the mundane trivialities are the news stories of young people committing illegal acts who pause to take selfie’s so they can post their crimes on Twitter and Facebook. Apparently common sense isn’t so common anymore – at least since the invention of the Smart Phone. Who knew there was an APP for stupid behavior?

When did this selfie- obsession become such a manic preoccupation in our culture?

Perhaps what this younger generation requires is a little less selfie-assuredness and a little more selfie-evaluation before they post any more selfie-defeating photos engaging in unlawful acts.  I recommend some selfie-imposed soul searching followed by a crash course in selfie-improvement that will help them on the path to practicing a little selfie-restraint.  Our culture is evolving into a bunch of selfie-centered egomaniacs as a result of these photo APPs and social media.

While this generation is totally selfie-important and selfie-involved, my generation didn’t have time for selfie-centered lives.  I hail from a spare the rod, spoil the child generation. My parents APPs were to APPly strict discipline which didn’t always work so well for a girl like my-selfie who struggled with low selfie-esteem.  Heavy-handed discipline made it difficult for me to learn to love me, my-selfie and I.

Now as a believer in Christ, whenever I’m given to bouts of selfie-doubt or low selfie-esteem, my path to selfie-renewal is simple. I APPly my-selfie to a little face time with God. My face-time doesn’t involve a selfie taken with my Smart Phone, but rather involves me falling face-down on the floor to seek an audience with my Lord and Savior. It’s when I am at my lowest (emotionally, spiritually and physically) I find comfort by sprawling on the floor before the Lord where I pray for a healthy selfie-assessment of my circumstances. 

When I purge my-selfie of all my worries, fears and problems and confess my sins and lay them at the feet of Jesus, I’ve discovered it becomes easier to love my neighbor as I love my-selfie.    Lying prostrate before the Lord is hardly the best vantage point to snap that selfie, BUT when I make time for face time with God, I have a greater chance of becoming my best selfie yet.

I looked and saw that the glory of the Lord filled the Temple of the Lord, and I fell face down on the ground.  Ezekiel 44:4 (NLT)

Blessings in Christ and happy reading …

Kathy K.