Something Fishy in the Middle

I don’t like to eat fish.  This is largely in part because I grew up in the suburbs of Phoenix. By my calculations, the Phoenix metropolitan area is a long ways away from the ocean. Anything a restaurant or grocery store in my neighborhood might deem as “fresh” or “catch of the day” has traveled an extremely long way from the ocean to be considered anything resembling “fresh.”

I have some friends from the Pacific Northwest who order the lobster enchiladas every time we eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant. While I don’t share their love of lobster enchiladas (made with lobster that has obviously traveled by land to make its way to Phoenix), I believe my friends are entitled to their choice of dinner entrees so I let them eat in peace and keep my opinions to myself.

My point is – with the latest Supreme Court ruling on the Same-Sex marriage I’m rather inclined to keep my opinions to myself, but I find on this issue that I’m stymied and I have to toss my opinion into the fray.

In my opinion … I say rather than being haters, why can’t we accept that there are over seven billion people on the planet and we are NEVER all going to agree on every issue – but especially, this issue. As a Christian I’m troubled by the name-calling, hatred and threats from both sides.

I must take a stance and as such, I prefer to stand in the middle on this particular issue. And yes, even though my Christian brothers and sisters may think I’m a coward for not being more outspoken in my Biblical beliefs; or my homosexual friends (yes, as a Christian I have them) may think I’m a hypocrite or wishy-washy, I remind myself that I am just me – a woman in the middle.

I am a woman who believes that Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross coincidentally, in the middle of two sinners, whom he loved every bit as much as he loves me … or you … or those in the LGBTQ community.

I am a woman who is distressed by the moral decline of our nation, but feels powerless to do anything about it.  I’m a woman who is a mother who fears for her children and the children they will raise in a world that is completely out of sorts and out of balance comprised of people that are hostile towards those that cannot agree on moral issues.

What chance will my future grandchildren have in a society that is so concerned with political correctness and protecting the rights of everyone that they’ve stripped away the rights of the individual?

I am a woman who still believes in One Nation Under God even when it feels as though that nation is bound and determined to exclude God from just about everything.  I am just a woman who has done her best to raise children to respect others and has tried to teach those same children that in the end we will be accountable to God for our individual choices and we cannot expect to get a Free Pass by blaming others for our actions.

In the end, I am a woman who simply believes in the power of prayer and that when all of the chaos of today’s society becomes too much to bear (as in the recent Supreme Court decision), I retreat to the one truth that gives me hope … I love Jesus – and Jesus loves me.  Sometimes it seems entirely too simple a concept, but then, I am a simple woman who doesn’t like fish and I am a woman in the middle just as Jesus was in the middle.

“But as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.”  Joshua 24:15 (NLT)