Now that I am the mother of three grown children who’ve all moved out on their own, family time together is tougher than ever to manage. We try to get together one night a month for dinner with them and their significant others and children. This is even tougher since one of my children is temporarily living in Southern California – but we do the best we can with the children that are still living here in town. Our family dinners are usually followed by either a movie or a family game.

My new favorite game is called Fibbage which is a lying, bluffing, fib-till-you-win trivia party game. Each player uses their smart phone, tablet or laptop computer to play. Because the biggest challenge of getting family to put their phones down long enough to spend quality time together is a huge obstacle these days, we’ve discovered that rather than fighting it – why not use our phones to join together for a common purpose.

As much as I love a good trivia game (and I really DO love a good trivia game), I learned a couple of truths about myself while playing Fibbage. Number one, I’m a pretty good liar (which kind of scares me); and second, my cognitive reading skills have radically diminished lately, a direct result of a common day anomaly I suffer from called Twitterpation.

We live in a world where communication has been reduced to text-speak and Twitter abbreviations. What this boils down to is I’ve stopped reading complete sentences. I skim through texts, emails, Facebook and Twitter posts gleaning the gist of the conversation without actually reading every word. This time-saving cheat cost me many points in the game of Fibbage because it turns out, the words I was skimming over radically changed the meaning of the trivia questions!

It would appear that there are many others who suffer from this Twitterpation ailment – something I’ve noticed when I read various news articles. So many writers nowadays submit their articles with misspelled words or missing words – words that would clearly be caught by careful editing – except that careful editing is a thing of the past since so many people now read the way I read: twitterpated!

I think the real twitterpation phenom started with the entertainment industry many years ago when they insisted on squishing celebrity couple names together … like Benifer or Branjolina. All these couples taking their vacay’s and sharing all the deets whenever they get together for a hang sesh with their bff or momager merely squeezed us all into a twitterpated state of mind.

Complete sentences? Thing. Of. The. Past.

It would be nice to return to a simpler time when we didn’t just LOL or we weren’t ROTFL b/c of a cute text we received. If we want to tell our loved 1 to HV a GD or GN, WTG or CUL8R, why not just TELL THEM, or are those days gone 4evr, a faint memory like TBT?

IDK if we can fix this b4 we all go crazy, but TBH I think if UR like me, YKYAT twitterpating. YOLO so perhaps YOYO with this issue since most of us have a FOMO on what is popular. We want to be in the know.

My advice … put down the phone, tablet or laptop and have a real FTF b4 UR 2 old 2 tell your loved 1 “ily.” Or, if you can’t do without the electronics for a bit … b4 U succumb 2 terminal twitterpation … come 2gether as a family unit and play a game with those electronics!

As always … happy reading!
Blessings in Christ,
Kathy K.

Everything in the Scriptures is God’s Word. All of it is useful for teaching and helping people and for correcting them and showing them how to live. 2 Timothy 3:16 (CEV)