Dream a Little Dream of … Trust

At the age of 24, singer/songwriter, Jamie Grace had already achieved more recognition than the average dream-chasing singer.  Ms. Grace was nominated for a Grammy in 2011 and later won a Dove Award in 2012 for New Artist. Yet, in spite of this perceived success, this young woman was considering retiring from the thing she loved most: singing. She felt frustrated over the apparent stalling of her career.

In a recent Facebook post, Ms. Grace stated, “I’ve been trying to process why I feel like God is calling me to this amazing purpose yet for some reason things just aren’t working out.”

Ms. Grace’s career, however, took an immediate jump in popularity when just a few months ago she was randomly pulled onto to stage to sing with the Award-winning singer/songwriter, Adele. That random act was all the confirmation the Christian artist needed to remember that her dream … her unique musical gift from God was no accident and was given to her to serve a greater purpose. His purpose.

In her own words, Ms. Grace stated: “… being on stage with Adele was a reminder and an assurance that I do have a voice and the voice does matter.”

Most of us have dreams or visions of achieving something big at some point during our lives. Everyone’s dreams are as unique and specific as each of us are. My lifelong dream has always been to write a best-selling novel that impacts millions of readers – and to see that book made into an award-winning movie.

Life, however, frequently tends to get in the way of our dreams. Many of us may find ourselves in the same position as young singer, Jamie Grace, with stalled dreams and feeling somewhat hopeless and unfulfilled.

Many years ago after publishing my first book I had a nighttime dream that I was talking to the Lord complaining about my lackluster book sales. In the dream I was telling God I felt as though I was wasting my time with this writing business since no one was buying my books.

In the dream the Lord spoke to me and asked me, who are you writing for? Are you writing for the praise you receive from people or are you writing to please me? To which I replied, of course, I am writing for You, God.

The dream continued with God asking me, “If you were a great singer or musician but you never had an opportunity to sing at the greatest venue in the world … say, some place like Carnegie Hall, would you simply stop singing or stop making music?”

Thinking it must be trick question, I answered, “well, duh … no, of course not.” He answered me with an equally simple response, “Then why would you stop writing just because you’re not on the best-seller list?”

I awoke from the dream feeling more settled, more certain that the gift for writing words that God has placed in me wasn’t simply for the purpose of making money or making a name for myself. The writing gift God has blessed me with is to make a name for Him. Therefore, I must learn to trust and rely on Him to further and advance my career and stop worrying about who is or who isn’t reading my work.

What about you … what’s your dream? If things aren’t happening the way you’d like, why not turn your dreams over to the Lord. Why not let Him decide how and when to advance them. After all, God is the one who placed those dreams in you, so shouldn’t it be up to Him on how or when to use them?  You never know … perhaps, one day when you least expect it you will be randomly selected to display your gift for all the world to see.

“Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.”                Psalm 37:4 (NIV)

Blessings in Christ and as always … happy reading!
Kathy K.