The candles  are all extinguished. The linens washed, folded and stored away. The dress packaged and housed indefinitely in long-term storage. It is finished. The months of planning, shopping, crafting and preparing for my daughter’s wedding and the life-changing event is all but reduced to memories, photos and videos.

It was a magical day; one that turned out immeasurably better than all of the hopes and dreams I’d been compiling over the past 13 months – nay, the past 26 years. It was simply put, the most perfect day ever – the kind of day Hallmark movies are made of.

With the months of planning, it was so easy to see in my mind’s eye the way I wanted the day to go; to imagine how I would feel and react – so much so, that by the time the actual event occurred, it was almost like déjà vu.

In the past whenever I’ve planned and prepared so thoroughly for an event, I’ve found myself somewhat disappointed by the “real thing.” It’s as if my fantasies can’t quite compete with real-life experiences. Which is why I was so pleasantly surprised that my fantasies essentially paled in comparison to my daughter’s actual wedding day.

I wonder what else I’ve planned or imagined for my future that will either rival or pale in comparison to the real thing?

These days I try to imagine how life will be once my husband retires. I think about the future a lot – wondering if I’ll have more grandchildren. Pondering what life will look like in 20 or 30 years? So much uncertainty and not one of us can accurately predict the future.

I’m especially imaginative on the subject of death, the afterlife, heaven and hell.  I confess, I harbor a bit of fear where death is concerned. I pray that it won’t be as terrifying or painful as my imagination presumes. I hope that Heaven and my first conversation with the King of Kings in the afterlife will be a million times better than what I dare to hope, dream or imagine.

The Bible may give us clues to the afterlife (Revelation 21) – and we can make all the jokes in the world (if calories count in Heaven – then I’m NOT going!); but the fact remains, we won’t know until we get there!

While it was fun to fantasize about my daughter’s wedding day for months ahead of time, the real thing was so much better. All the things I worried about, didn’t happen so I wasted a lot of effort on stuff that didn’t matter. I can only hope that going to Heaven someday, will work the same way. I can worry about the when, where, why and how of it right now – OR I can choose to simply trust God that I’ll get there only when He says it is time.  I hope … believe  … and trust that it will be a million times better than my imagination.

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9 (NLT)

Blessings in Christ and as alwayshappy reading!
Kathy K.