A Ton of Fun and a Pound of Perservance

If you’ve ever been on a weight loss program or know someone struggling to lose weight, you’ve probably heard this statement before … maybe even said it yourself.

“Oh my gosh! You’ve lost a ton of weight!”

I’ve been on a weight loss journey for the last few months (okay — my entire adult life) and have managed to shed nearly 30 pounds in the last four months. I’m at a crossroads of emotions that waffles (Mmm, yes please, with maple syrup – maybe a side of bacon while we’re at it) between annoyance that few people have noticed my transformation to irritation at those that exclaim the above-noted phrase.

Oh thanks! You think I’ve lost a ton of weight, do you? To have lost a ton of weight implies that I had to weigh considerably MORE than a ton when I began my weight loss journey. I started thinking about that phrase and quite frankly, it really chaps my buns (make it a Kings Hawaiian with lots of soft, creamy butter) to be given such a back-handed compliment.

So … just how much is a ton of weight, you ask? Check out this list of what is in the neighborhood of a ton:

• An African elephant
• A rhinoceros
• A walrus
• A hippopotamus
• A fully-grown giraffe
• A barnyard cow
• A Smart Car or 2 Golf carts
• A fourth grade class

These are but a few animals or things that weigh roughly one ton – give or take.

Being called a fat cow in middle-school was a crushing blow to my ego, to be sure, but surprisingly, those comparisons still sting, even at my advanced age. I’m smart enough now to know that all of that sticks and stones stuff of childhood is a whole lot of bologna (not a favorite, but sliced thick, sandwiched between wheat bread toast and crushed wavy potato chips slathered with a layer of mayo, and hey — we’re in business). I’m human after all, and words still hurt.


I know I should have thicker skin by now (yummy potato skins served with a generous dollop of sour cream — you betcha), but alas, I still find I’m a tad bit sensitive when it comes to any weight related issues.

While it is nice to have people notice the fruits (most especially all things strawberry, blended up in a nice thick shake), of my weight loss/exercise labor – I really don’t want to be compared to a ton of anything.

If you feel the need to compliment someone who is working hard to shed a pound or two (maybe just a slice of pound cake wouldn’t hurt), why not compare them to something a little less offensive. Try instead … “Oh my gosh you’ve lost the equivalent of weight to that of a fully grown Shiu Tzu or a large sack of potatoes!”  (Best when sliced Julienne and fried to a golden brown, generously sprinkled with salt and served with a ton of ketchup. Oh wait, I digress – not a ton per se, but rather, about 12 little packets from the fast-food place.)

Whether we’re working hard or hardly working to maintain our girlish figures, we gals NEVER, and I repeat – ABSOLUTELY NEVER AND UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, do we ever want to be compared to African mammals or barnyard beef stock. (You’ve got to try it reduced down to a lovely au jus served as a complement for thinly sliced roast beef.)

So, the next time someone says, “Wow, you’ve lost a ton of weight,” stand up for yourself and remind them that losing weight is not a piece of cake (Cake? Did someone say cake? I could go for a piece of red velvet covered in mounds of Buttercream right about now).

(Me thinks this weight loss thing is for the birds — specifically if it’s drumsticks and wings in a large bucket of the Colonel’s extra crispy).

The struggle is real. All calories are not created equal. It’s not about what I’m eating … but rather, what’s eating me! And right now – what’s eating me is the fact that life isn’t the same without the fun foods. The reality however, is that I’m a little more fun without carrying around a ton of extra weight.

I may have lost some weight, but I pray I’ll never lose my sense of humor …

Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore, honor God with your bodies. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Blessings in Christ and as always … happy reading … and maybe try a little healthy eating while you’re at it!
Kathy K.